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I have a line when talking or texting with my friends: OK, I’m off to the Bar! That’s my way of saying, “for the next hour or so you will be unable to reach me because I will be working my booty off at The Bar Method in Pasadena.” I have my friend Debbie to thank. I’d heard about The Bar Method for nearly two years, but it wasn’t until I visited her in San Diego (Carmel Mountain) last Fall that I accompanied her to a weekend class…I was hooked.

Here’s the thing: I’ve exercised most of my life. I don’t actually enjoy it; I’ll be honest. And my results have been mixed. Turning 50 a year ago renewed my interest in staying strong and healthy (translated:  50?! WT…!!).But gym memberships never work for me. Neither do exercise DVDs at home. I lose interest. I feel like I basically stay the same shape. If there is a reason, any reason, to skip exercising, count me in.  Until The Bar Method. (I promise, this is not an infomercial.)

No kidding, I love The Bar Method. I love going to class and aim for three to five times a week. I love hearing my name called out during class and being given gentle correction or exuberant praise for my effort.  It’s like being the teacher’s pet, only way better. Because the truth is, it’s the results that keep me coming.

The final grade is an amazing, firm, strong body. I don’t jiggle when I hurry down a hallway at work. I have definition in my arms, and I never liked the shape of my upper arms before. I have legs that are pretty damn shapely these days. I have the strongest abs I’ve ever had in my life, not a six-pack yet, but I can sport a bikini without an anxiety attack. I think I even have back muscles! I definitely have better flexibility and balance. And, best news ever, my bum is, according to my 26-year-old daughter, rock solid. (She also said that I should always wear The Bar Method T-shirt because most people will just wonder who my plastic surgeon is…)

Here’s the bottom line:
About three months into The Bar Method, I was at a dinner party and a woman asked me if I was a dancer! We were not dancing or I assure you, she would not have asked me that question. A dancer, seriously?! (Did I mention that I love The Bar Method?)


“I have a line when talking or texting with my friends: OK, I’m off to the Bar!”

~ Dawn, Pasadena