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As I walked out of the studio on the final day of the studio’s Fall Fitness Challenge, I felt elated, strong, and a little emotional!  In fact, I almost “lost it” during the last set of push-ups!

I had been reflecting during class about the many new Bar friends I was making and about how strong my body had become.  Even 3 push-ups were incredibly difficult when I started 8 months ago.  And thigh sets included violent shaking and inner desperation to force very weak muscles to perform.

One instructor corrected me during the set saying, “Debby, don’t hang onto the bar.”  Ha!  But I was hanging on for dear life knowing that if I let go, I would collapse to the floor in embarrassment!  I would look to the door for escape, or worse, think that if I made it through this class, I’d never come back!

My workout history included running, power-walking, and yoga.  I enjoyed the runner’s high when I was young but in recent years even brisk walking seemed to beat up my frame.  With aging I had developed some spinal stenosis in my neck and mild degenerative discs in my back.  Daily there was a stiff neck and backache to deal with.

I turned to yoga which I loved and it helped me greatly with my flexibility.  However, I still sustained occasional injuries from assuming a pose my body did not have the strength to perform.  AND…I was still 10 lbs. overweight, lethargic, and generally just feeling old.  My husband and I are empty-nesters with 3 wonderful sons, a great daughter-in-law, and a full life.  So I thought it was time to just accept that this was how a woman’s body feels at age 58.

Ok, but the stubborn muffin-top?  Surely I didn’t have to live with that!!  Even losing a few pounds didn’t rid me of it!  I finally asked my savvy fitness-careered daughter-in-law what exercises I could do to tighten my core.  She said The Bar Method had opened in Plano and that I should go.  She said I’d love it.

Not exactly.  I loved the aesthetics of the studio, the routine, the music, and the feminine form present there.  But after each weekly Level 1 class I could barely walk to my car on jelly legs!  I hadn’t realized how out of shape I was.  But the next week I’d give myself a pep talk and go back.  I admired Marin and all the instructors who were so warmly welcoming and even worked out alongside the newbies!  Little by little, my body started building strength.  I increased my attendance to 3 times a week by my 3rd month, and set my goal to 4 times a week for the Fall Fitness Challenge.

Firm, dense muscles starting forming all over my body.  Having never worked out to this extent, I was shocked and delighted every time I discovered a newly toned muscle and proud to finally know its name.  Combining a healthy diet and this workout rid me of the extra pounds AND the muffin top!  I dropped 2 skinny jean sizes and started FEELING FANTASTIC!  Backaches and neck aches disappeared and my posture improved to the point where a store clerk commented about the way I “carried myself.”  Of course I had to tell her about The Bar Method!  Also, after not seeing me for a while, my Mom asked, “How’d you get your calves down?”  (We’re not known for slim calves in our family.)  This was truly an unexpected Bar benefit!

My excitement level over this newfound fitness stays so high that I almost weekly thank my daughter-in-law for the referral.  I’m grateful to be a part of the Bar Method Plano community of people who work out side by side, sharing and encouraging each other to achieve new levels of amazing Bar fitness.   Thank you, Marin, for bringing the Bar Method to Plano!


“My excitement level over this newfound fitness stays so high that I almost weekly thank my daughter-in-law for the referral.”

~ Debby, Plano