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To say that The Bar Method has impacted my life in a positive way is an understatement!

I remember shopping early last year at Trader Joes in the Bressi Village shopping center and looking around at some of the ladies shopping and thinking to myself, “Gosh, everyone looks so toned and fit, like lean dancers’ bodies! I wonder if there is a Bar Method Studio around here somewhere?” After shopping, I drove around the center and what do you know, The Bar Method Carlsbad studio was right there!


I had heard about the Bar Method workout from my endless searches online for the next best ‘thing’ to help get me into shape post-baby. So, I decided to give the studio a try and take my first Bar Method class in March 2012 with the $10 for 10 days special. At the time, not only was my body completely out of shape, but my mind was so unconditioned and undisciplined that I didn’t have the willpower to continue taking classes.

Fast forward to mid August 2012, a year and a half after giving birth to my little girl, and something inside me finally clicked (or rather snapped)! I was a 32 year old mom and still had 17 pounds of baby weight on me, incredibly out of shape with terrible posture, and stiff achey joints all over. My chronic health condition left me extremely fatigued, and I was on my third round of physical therapy, this time for a low back injury. So I knew I also needed to change my mentality about health, diet, and exercise. I was stuck in a ‘woe is me’ and a ‘I don’t, I can’t, I’m not’ mode of thinking, using excuse after excuse. The hardest thing for me to accept was, in order for me to be really be there for my husband and daughter, I needed to put in enough time to take care of myself! For me, it was just going to take more than the average person to overcome not only weight challenges, but health challenges as well. I needed a good kick in the butt!

After talking to my physical therapist, doing more research online and reading endless client testimonials, I decided I wanted to give The Bar Method Carlsbad a REAL try. I purchased 2 months of unlimited classes through deals they had going on. I knew that, if I was going to commit to something, I wanted to see results. After going 2-3 times a week for 2 months, I could definitely feel the difference in my improved flexibility, posture and overall mood and mental clarity. I saw slight changes in my weight loss and was motivated to continue with classes. When my husband Josh noticed how much better I was feeling, he encouraged me to go ahead with a monthly unlimited contract which I started in mid October 2012. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Since committing to The Bar Method in October as my ONLY form of exercise, I also completely changed my eating habits. I started to ‘eat clean’, practicing portion control and limiting my ‘free/cheat’ meals to weekends only. I have made every effort to attend Bar Method classes 3-4 times a week since then, and have felt many forces trying to stop me! Being a full time mom with a toddler, a part time employee, driving from San Marcos, sickness, finding childcare, the aforementioned health challenges AND the list goes on – I’ve STILL managed to remain positive and see excellent results! I feel as if I’m only beginning and have a long way to go, but I know now that’s what this is. Health and fitness is a not only a physical journey, but a mental and emotional one as well.

Not only have I lost weight and inches; but I have improved my posture and flexibility (I can touch my toes now and couldn’t before due to extremely tight hamstrings), and dramatically reduced the chronic pain in my body associated with Fibromyalgia. I now have little to no flare-ups or sciatica in my low back! I sleep better, feel better, walk better, stand better, bend better and the list goes on! My daughter Genevieve just turned 2 years old and I can lift and hold her with no pain in my back and have so much more energy to keep up with her. I look and feel leaner and stronger in my upper body and see definition in my arms that I HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE! My home life has been affected in so many positive ways as well. After seeing me change, my husband started working out and lost 15 pounds! I’m also more motivated and consistent with all my wifey, mommy and household responsibilities. The days where I have to miss a class because of unforeseen circumstances, I feel less able and energetic. But as soon as I get back on track, my body loosens up and I feel so much better in every way!

I DID NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER in my adult life had a consistent exercise routine UNTIL The Bar Method! It’s not something I’m proud to admit, but I actually HATED to exercise, hated to to get sweaty and didn’t want to be challenged outside of my comfort zone. The most exercise I’ve done in the past few years consisted of some cardio kickboxing workout videos at home, taking a power walk near my house or walking on a treadmill at the gym. The Bar Method is the ONLY exercise that I’ve ever enjoyed and felt life-changing results with. I know what I can expect every time I walk into the studio: to be warmly greeted BY NAME (how many gyms can say that?!?), to be encouraged, challenged, and most of all to be MOTIVATED to continue and push harder in every portion of class!


“I’ve lost 27 POUNDS, 14 TOTAL INCHES (10 of those inches in my waist and hips!) and have gone from a size 12/14 to a size 8 since starting. I’m now 10 pounds UNDER MY PRE-BABY WEIGHT and the same size I was almost 4 years ago!”

~ Michelle, Carlsbad

The fact that you can modify just about any position in The Bar Method and feel safe while doing it, having no impact on your joints or any jarring sudden moves, makes it perfect for the post-pregnancy, chronic health conditioned, injury ridden, un-athletic, no prior fitness routine people of the world – like I used to be! Just knowing that the owner Catherine and other instructors know about my injuries and limitations and are always open and available for questions and concerns makes me so much more at ease. I don’t believe Catherine could have chosen a better team than the instructors she currently has teaching at The Bar Method Carlsbad!

2013 is a whole new year for me. I’ve made personal commitments to consistently stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. I plan on continuing to take classes and am trying my hardest to get to a consistent 4 times a week. I’ve maintained my weight loss. In January, I took my first Level 2 class and hope to take more. I also signed up for my first 5K Mud Run & Obstacle course in late April, along with my sister and 3 cousins, and am super excited! It’s been awesome to see how much further your body can take you when have the right mindset. If it weren’t for The Bar Method Carlsbad, I would not be where I am today, period! I hope this will encourage ANYONE of ANY background at ANY age to give The Bar Method an honest, consistent try – I promise, you won’t regret it!